The Little Book of Chipping

Ian Hardie

Chipping is a part of the game of golf that for whatever reason, most golfers never seem to be really taught how to do or if they were given some tuition at some point in their golfing career, they are generally shown a few basic ideas and then left to figure the rest out on their own.

It’s almost as if golfers assume that because it’s a little shot (which is not much bigger than a putt in reality) it will be easy enough to play and while technically there is some merit to that idea, in practice, as you are no doubt aware an awful lot of golfers struggle with chipping and as a result, a large amount of golfers will happily tell you, that their chipping isn’t very good!

Which can be a bit of a problem when, depending on the skill level of the golfer, chipping can make up between 5 to 15% of your golf score on most days.

However, the good news is that it’s never too late to learn the ideas that you really need to know and improve your chipping – which will in turn, have the direct effect of lowering your golf score!

Reducing the number of chip shots that you have in every round is another one of the easiest and quickest ways to reduce your scores, handicap and gain consistency in your game.

The best of course is by improving your putting.

If you don’t have of a copy of my book The Little Book of Putting - you can get it here.

Most golfers will waste one, two or more shots on each hole when chipping, either by messing up the chip shot and having to play another one or by not ending up close enough to be able to comfortably one putt to finish the hole.

Take a minute now to think about the last game of golf that you played:

What score would you have had if every chip shot finished close enough to one putt?

Regardless of the level of golf that you currently play, I bet that your score would have been a lot lower than it was if you were close enough to one putt after every chip shot.

This book contains everything you need to know, to make that happen!

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The Little Book of Chipping

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