How To Decide Whether You Should Give Up Playing Golf.

Ian Hardie

"If this golf lesson doesn’t work, I’m giving up playing the game!”

I’ve lost count of the number of golfers over the years, who have told me after our first coaching session together that they were thinking something similar to the sentence above when they thought about and then actually, booked the session with me.

Initially, when I started hearing them say things like that, I figured it was just a coincidence but after hearing things like that for a few years, I began to wonder what was going on.

Why were so many golfers, thinking of giving up the game of golf?

Especially when most of them have been regular and experienced golfers, the type of golfers who form the backbone of most golf courses around the world, although every once in a while I’d get the odd beginner or infrequent golfer saying things like that as well, so rather than being something to do with simply getting sick of playing the game over a period of time.

Something else had to be driving these golfers to think like this.

If I hadn’t been able to help in some way during that first coaching session, how many golfers would the game of golf had lost over the years and just what was it, that I was doing which found them changing their minds by the end of that first session, while going on to find an entirely new enjoyment in the game of golf after our subsequent sessions, which almost always, ended up with them describing how their golf was going using entirely different words, such as.

“I’m excited about golf again!”

If you’ve been thinking the same sorts of things as the golfers I described above and as a result, have been trying to decide whether you should give up the game of golf – this book is for you!

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How To Decide Whether You Should Give Up Playing Golf.

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