The Little Book of Pitching

Ian Hardie

If you ask most golfers what a ‘pitch shot’ is – they will generally answer that it is a shot that is played close to the green with a club known as a pitching wedge.

In reality though, it’s a bigger subject than that.

Pitching can best be described as any shot that is played with an effort that is more than a chip shot but less than a full shot, which means that for most golfers it covers a distance of between 30 and 150 yards.

Now, you may be thinking “a 150 yard pitch shot, what’s he going on about there?”

It’s something that I will cover in the book but for now, let’s adjust that a little to reflect the fact that for most golfers reading this a ‘pitch shot’ would cover a shot that is between 30 and around 100 yards.

Although, just to confuse matters a little bit, sometimes a ‘pitch shot’ is necessary from as little as 3 or 4 yards away from the green.

That’s something that you’ll have to get hold of the book to read about as well.

As with the golf shot called chipping, the intention when pitching is to get the golf ball onto the green to enable you to then proceed to putt the golf ball into the hole as easily as possible and due to the longer distance that it is usually played from.

It’s fairly unlikely that you will hole many pitch shots (but not impossible of course).

However, when played poorly – a messed up pitch shot can cost you many extra shots during a game through your golf ball ending up in water hazards, sand traps, the rough or a long way away from the hole on the green.

So, just the same as it was with chipping, the main function of pitching is not to actually try to get the golf ball into the hole with the pitch shot – it is to set up the possibility of holing your next shot which will ordinarily be a putt.

I know I have repeated that – it’s to make sure that you really understand it!

As you can guess from the distances I gave above – pitching can’t be a single type of shot played with the pitching wedge each time and is in fact a group of many different golf shots that can or more correctly – should be played with a multitude of different clubs.

In fact, it’s possible to play a pitch shot with anything from a lob wedge through to a #5 iron – that means any of the following can be used depending on the situation being faced: Lob, sand, gap or pitching wedge, #9, #8, #7, #6 or even a #5 iron.

Definitely not just a shot played only with a pitching wedge!

Are you interested in learning to pitch well or improve your pitching?

If you are, my new book called The Little Book of Pitching will cover everything that you need to know to do that with simple, easy to follow advice – that will improve your pitching.

That’s right, there is no rocket science of any sort, technical jargon or any sort of confusing explanations in there at all.

Just simple, easy to follow advice – that will improve your pitching.

If you are a golfer that’s new to the game and wanting to learn the right way to pitch or an existing golfer that is struggling with your pitching, wanting to improve it or one of those many golfers who seems to always get a poor result when you pitch – this book is for you.

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The Little Book of Pitching

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